Telly Ho Production is a Melbourne based company that provides the services of senior TV producers Lisa Ramsey and Nick Venn.

Lisa has been working in the advertising industry since 1987 and Nick since 2002. They both have experience shooting automotive, food, fashion, retail, financial services, gaming and Government with a vast array of production budgets.

The Telly Ho producers can be available on flexible terms. Producer services can be billed per hour, per day, per job or something else, just ask them.

Telly Ho can provide the following services:

  • Financial Services for all production requirements, including talent payments, music licenses and stock footage
  • Child employment paperwork and supervision
  • Offline and Online editing facilities
  • Digital files supply and storage
  • Dub despatch – both Radio and Television
  • All administration including estimates, meeting documentation and reconciliations

Please contact Lisa on 0411 735 252 or Nick on 0405 374 696.